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Sing Bingo is now offering all their new online bingo players a free £10 welcome bonus, simply for signing on the dotted line and becoming a member of their awesome site.  It doesn’t end there though, as they will also treat their newbie’s to a fab first time deposit bonus as well!

Free £10 Bonus!

That’s right your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Sing Bingo gives all their new online bingo players a free £10 bingo bonus, when they fill in the registration form and become a member of their site.  Once you are a fully fledged member of Sing Bingo, then you will be able to take advantage of all the exciting free bingo games, which of course are famous for paying out REAL cash prizes.  Plus you will also be able to spend your free £10 bingo bonus on some of their other online bingo games to get a feel for the site before you decide to go on and make your first deposit.

200% First Time Deposit Bonus….

Once you are ready to make your first deposit at Sing Bingo then you will be in for another treat, as they will give you a fab 200% bingo bonus, when you make a first time deposit between £10 and £50 at their site.  This means that you could your final bonus could be anywhere from £20 to £100!  For instance, on a first time deposit of £10, then you would be given a £20 bonus for free, and you would start off with an incredible £30 in your online bingo account.

Re-Deposit Bonuses….

Now there is no need to feel left out if you are already a loyal member of Sing Bingo, as they still treat all their players to a nifty 50% re-deposit bonus, every single time they make a re-deposit between £10 and £100 at their site.

Sing Bingo want to make sure that their online bingo players are given as many rewards as possible for playing at their site, which is why they have introduced a VIP Membership Scheme.

What Level Are You?

Sing Bingo have created four different loyalty levels at their online bingo site called: Rising Star, Groupie, Lead Singer and Super Star.  The loyalty level players are placed in depends on how much money they have deposited since they became a member of Sing Bingo.  Players are automatically placed in the Rising Star category, immediately they sign up to the online bingo site.  However, once you have deposited a minimum of £50, then you will be moved up to the Groupie level.  The fund does not stop there though because members who have deposited between £500 and £1,000 will be classed as a Lead Singer, and once you have deposited £1,000 or more, then you would have reached their top loyalty level of Super Star.

What Are the Benefits?

The higher on up you climb in the Sing Bingo VIP Membership Scheme, the more rewards you will be able to receive.  The rewards for each loyalty level are shown below:

  • Rising Star – 350% welcome bonus, 50% re-deposit bonuses, 75% birthday bonus, access to Sing Bingo guaranteed jackpot rooms, reload tour game.
  • Groupie – Same treats as Rising Star, plus access to the special Groupie game.
  • Lead Singer – Same bonuses as Rising Star and Groupie, plus access to the thrilling Lead Singer games.
  • Super Star – All the same treats and bonuses as Rising Star, Groupie and Leader Singer.  Players will also be able to gain access to the awesome Super Star games, and will also receive personal email assistance.

It is worth remembering that it could take you years to climb to the top of the Sing Bingo VIP Membership Scheme, so don’t feel like you have to do it in as short as time as possible.

Sing Bingo doesn’t just offer their online bingo players electrifying free bingo games and one off promotions at their online bingo site.  They also boast a whole host of gripping daily jackpot games, which have some pretty tempting guaranteed jackpots up for grabs.  Sing Bingo have three daily jackpot games called: The Red Eye, Eatin’s Cheatin and The Warm Up.  These guaranteed jackpot games play every single day at Sing Bingo without fail, so make sure you take some time to check them out.

The Red Eye….

The Sing Bingo site’s ‘The Red Eye’ jackpot game plays every day in their The Red Eye Room at 10.00am.  The chat room opens at 9.45pm if you want to get their early for a chat game or two.  The Red Eye is a 90 ball bingo game that has a guaranteed jackpot of £50 up for grabs, the best news is that bingo cards into the game will only set you back a cheap as chips; 1p each.  Sing Bingo have said that each online bingo player can purchase a maximum of 96 bingo cards into the game.

Eatin’s Cheatin….

The Eatin’s Cheatin jackpot plays daily at 1.00pm in the Sing Bingo Eatin’s Cheatin bingo room.  This is one online bingo game that you will want to try and fit in on your lunch hour, because once again there is a guaranteed jackpot of £50 up for grabs with bingo cards only costing a gobsmacking 1p each.

The Warm Up….

The next daily Sing Bingo jackpot game is called The Warm Up and takes place every single day at 4.00pm in their Warm Up room.  There is a an impressive £50 guaranteed jackpot up for grabs, every single day and bingo cards are as cheap as chips, as they will only set you back 1p a card.

Sing Bingo have three amazing weekly guaranteed jackpot games running every single week at their online bingo site, and they are so exciting that we cant wait to tell our lovely readers all about them.  These fab three jackpot games are called: The Rehearsal, The Record Breaker and The After Party.

The Rehearsal…..

Every single Tuesday night at 9.00pm without fail Sing Bingo runs an impressive bingo game called ‘The Rehearsal’.  What makes this game so amazing is that there is a mega £750 jackpot up for grabs, but bingo cards will only cost you a very reasonable 10p each.  ‘The Rehearsal’ is a 90 ball bingo game, which means that the £750 prize fund will be shared between the full house, 2 lines and 1 line winner.

The Record Breaker….

Sing Bingo likes to make things even more fun and exciting on a Thursday night, by giving away a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000 in their ‘The Record Breaker’ game.  Simply join Sing Bingo every Thursday night at 9.00pm, or even pre-purchase your bingo cards if you are busy on the night.  Whilst we are on the subject of online bingo cards, we think our readers will be impressed to learn that cards will only set them back 10p each and that Sing Bingo players can purchase up to 96 cards each.

The After Party….

One Sing Bingo party that you will 100% not want to miss out on, takes place on a Saturday night and is called ‘The After Party’ promotion.  In this game Sing Bingo will be giving away a cool guaranteed jackpot of £500.  It gets better though, as Sing Bingo will be selling online bingo cards into this particular game for a teeny tiny 5p each, which all of us in the Sunlight Bingo office just think is a bit of a bargain – certainly as winners could walk away with a slice of the £500 prize fund.  Don’t forget that the game kick off at 9.00pm!

Sing Bingo is another new online bingo site to hit the UK this month and is owned by the same company that currently run Costa Bingo, you know from this alone to expect something amazing!  As soon as the Sing Bingo homepage loads you see the motto ‘The Star of Free Bingo’ which makes you think Sing Bingo will definitely be a site to bookmark for free bingo games.

No Deposit Required….

Sing Bingo seems to be going in the right direction with their new online bingo site because online players can sign up, become members and start playing free bingo games without even having to make a deposit.  It gets better though as you don’t have to supply any credit or debit card details when you sign up.  On the majority of online bingo sites you do have to supply these details but on Sing Bingo, you can dive right in and take part in the free bingo games.

Sing Bingo has six free bingo rooms which means there are free bingo games running at their online bingo site 24/7.  The Sing Bingo site’s free rooms also offer a guaranteed jackpot of up to £50 every single day so if you love your free bingo you will feel right at home here.

If you fancy Making a Deposit

Once you have had your fill of free bingo games at Sing Bingo, you may decide that it is your kind of online bingo site and therefore want to make your first deposit. If so, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that Sing Bingo has catered for all budgets and are offering up to 350% for a first time bonus by doubling your playing money. For Example:

  • Deposit £10 at Sing Bingo and you will receive a 350% deposit bonus.  Therefore, Sing Bingo will fund your bingo account with an additional £35.

That’s not all………..

Sing bingo give a further 65% bonus every time you re-deposit, so play free bingo or play with their money before your own. Now that’s something to Sing ‘Bingo’ about!

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